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The elegant outdoor courtyards and the prosperous plantations releasing distinctive scents of the Mediterranean view that reminds the banquets of the ancient old noble owners.
The refinement of the restaurant cared up to every detail and the elegance of the mise en place combined was to make every wedding receiving unforgettable, as well as elegant decorations that make the wedding the unique moment with long-lasting memories.
The majesty of the spaces overlooking to Mar Piccolo Sea and the olive trees all around the Relais Histò residence guarantees your wedding day to be unforgettable and celebrated in a place full of history and majesty, according to the culinary traditions bind in a language of love for beauty and passion for the land of Apulia region.

The Basilica

High-class wedding receiving

The Basilica, built in the XI century A.C., is both impressive and majestic, built on massive columns sustaining the magical history.
The frescoed hall gives you a magnificant chance to get excited of the sight of the remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct; it is perfectly appropriate both for civil ceremonies and for the other kind of Lanternaia restaurant..

Lanternaia restaurant

Romantic wedding

Lanternaia restaurant, once an old olive oil mill, is a wedding reception space with enchanting atmosphere offering a beautiful view to the Olive Court that extends along the restaurant premises.
The unforgettable dream, the day when everything around seems fabulous and magic.

Olive court

In the shade of the centuries.

The olive centuries-old trees with solid and strong roots mark the entrance to the Olive court in the shade of the veils. It is a perfect place to celebrate your wedding day in particular, when the nature opens in all its splendour.

The Ottagono Court

Ask her to marry you.

The Ottagono Court marked by the presence of a small octagonal temple, made as a symbol of the conjunction between the heaven and the earth, the Ottagono Court is ideal for the reception of many guests, but also for those, who are looking forward, to make their Wedding Proposal very special.

The Palma Court

Over the place and time.

All around surrounded by the walls of the ancient noble residence, The Palma Court welcomes the guests in a dimension beyond place and time.
The ideal location to take a drink and have some refreshments in order to let the celebration of a Special Day begin.

The Grand Court

The wealth of the magic moments.

The Grand Court offers the opportunity to enjoy the tasty buffet inside the one of the natural treasures of the historic beauty. The Court is bounded by the walls of a manor residence and the Cloister of the Old Source, famous as well by the presence of a magnificent and imposing Carob tree.

Poolside area

The gorgeous frame.

In the warm season the swimming pool area is an ideal location for an unusual spending of time. Water features, floating candles, lights and lanterns will decorate and make your stay in the pool magic.
The settings can be customized up to the smallest details to make the event truly memorable.

The unique moments

Your Special Days